Snapprix Lightroom Plug-In

If you have a lot of photos on your computer, it's easier to upload them directly from Adobe Lightroom. This plug-in is for that. If you don't have Snapprix account, you need to install the iPhone app first.

Download the plug-in here

Installation Instructions

Save it to your computer. Extract the ZIP File. Open Lightroom and click File → Plug-in Manager → Add and choose the Snapprix.lrplugin file.


Make sure to login with your Snapprix account. I.e. if you have logged in using Facebook on app, make sure to log in using Facebook also in Lightroom plug-in. You can export the photos by right-clicking them on Lightroom and selecting Export from the context menu. On export dialog, select the Export to -menu, choose Snapprix and follow the instructions on the screen.